Sunix 4 Pack Wine Bottle Protector Sleeve Travel Bag

SKU: SU357

  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION: The inner layer is made of air bubble combine with the transparent outer layer to prevent red wine from being damaged during transportation.

  • TRIPLE SEAL DESIGN: Double zip and Velcro seal to ensure bag seal, so luggage is not affected by bottle breakage.

  • REUSABLE AND DURABLE: Can use over and over again! These wine bags pack flat in a suitcase making it easy to take in cars, on planes and cruises.

  • EASY TO USE: Insert your wine bottle or any other fragile bottle up to one liter in the bag, then close the zipper-style locking seal and the Velcro seam.

  • WIDE USE: Used to transport wine, champagne, beer, spirits, spirits, olive oil, perfumes and other easy-to-lift glass bottles.

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