6.6ft 5050 LED Strip Lights Kit

LED RGB 5 Metre Strip, 60 LEDs 5050 SMD LED Strips with 44 Key IR Remote and 12V 2A Power Adapter

SKU: SU229

  • The lamp of the belt is a product that can bring the romantic atmosphere and has variety of colors and flashing mode: 25 kinds of mixed color mode, 6 colors to choose from,

  • Create all kinds of different ways: you can cut and volverlas to connect LED strips to create shapes and different combinations and original.

  • Safe to use, the operating voltage is 12 V extremely low temperature can be touched and it is safe for children.

  • Easy to install: has a sticker on its back so you can install it easily.

  • Durable: Uses a flexible PCB dissipates heat brilliantly, this makes it very durable.

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